Odds -n- Sods

Today’s post is a little bit of this and a little bit of that; no particularly cohesive theme, but instead a series of thoughts I’ve been having over the course of the last couple of days.

I am wearing my ‘No Rain – No Rainbows’ t-shirt at work today (what can I say, I’m a rebel — I’ve got my Birkenstocks on, too!  I know! CRAZY!).  For those of you who do not remember, that saying comes from a t-shirt I bought when MaryBeth and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in Hawaii (we try to forget the bought of diverticulitis that I had which led to my hospitalization for 3 days; do a Google search for “Kimo’s Rules” and you can find the whole list)!

I realized the other day that I have tried to live by this rule for a long time, but particularly over the past year.  MaryBeth and I try to have a night where we go out, ALONE, and have a quiet meal.  As we were driving home, I mentioned that I was pleased that we spent a lot of time this past year DOING things.  We went to Disney World; we visited Florida; we went to DC and visited with relatives up north; we visited my Mom and family twice (once in December and once in February — both times it snowed upwards of 2 feet); we’ve made a much more concerted effort to BE together (both as a family and MaryBeth and me as a couple).  MaryBeth than reminded me that I was not allowed to get sick again and that I still had to live until I was 104.

Another random thought: Barium Sulfate tastes yucky (though, not nearly as bad as phosphosoda).  As I mentioned earlier this week, I had my most recent scans on Tuesday, during which I had to drink about 32 oz. of barium (which helps provide contrast on the CT for the radiologist).  As I was finishing up, I asked the technician why I got to drink the lemonade-ish flavored drink last time, but barium this time.  He told me that they use the barium when they really want to show stuff in and around the pancreas.  Not that I have an overactive imagination, but I wonder if the CT did not show anything last time because I didn’t drink the stuff that really shows what’s going on in the pancreas.

As a friend of mine reminded me (again) though, the results I get on Tuesday will only tell me what has already happened.  It may be bad news;  I am expecting good news, but either way I will try to remember that without my diagnosis amost 2 years ago, I would not appreciate my life, my family, and the world around me quite as much as I do now.  It may sound superficial, but I have found that I did not appreciate what I had until I was faced with the possibility of dying prematurely.