What am I?

I guess first, I should say that I am…feeling okay, if not a little tired.  Chemo this week made me feel really nauseous on Wednesday, but today, I was mostly just tired.  I kept trying to do work and would almost fall asleep at the keyboard. (That might have something to do with going and helping at the karate school and then going to do the Boy Scouts of America swim test in the evening, after chemo?!??)

Let’s see…what else?  I am…almost finished with chemo!  (Merle’s doing the almost happy dance!)  Yesterday was my second to last chemo treatment in this cycle.  Hopefully, my last treatment ever, but certainly the last treatment until my condition changes (right now, my scans are clean)!

I am….going to have my last treatment next week.  Now, you might be saying, “But Merle; you told us your body was not happy getting chemo every week!  Why on Earth would you have chemo next week?” Well, it’s because…

I am…going to Disney World next Friday for a week of fun and frivolity with the family (and immediately upon my return, I turn around and head to Denver for a business trip).  Thus, if I were to wait until I get back, it would be almost 4 weeks in between treatments and Dr. Kauh didn’t want to wait that long.  Sure, it might put a damper on the first couple of days at Disney, but then again, maybe not.

Why Disney?  I cannot recall if I had blogged about this, but when I was first diagnosed, I was sure, as probably many newly diagnosed cancer patients, that I was all but dead (almost a year later and I’m not Dead Yet!).  I vividly remember sitting on my couch, lying in my wife’s arms, crying because I would not get to see my daughter (then 4) get to visit with the Disney Princesses.  (My wife and I talked about taking the kids to Disney, but wanted them to be a bit older.)

Shortly thereafter, we decided that we should just do it and take the kids.  We were initially scheduled to go in August, but then we decided that perhaps it was more important for me to have my surgery (hmmm…Surgery?  Disney?  Surgery? Disney?  What a choice)!  Thus, several months and a federal tax return later, my family is set to head out for 7 fun filled days at Disney World.  We’ve got the tickets; we’ve got the parking pass; we’ve got the HUGE Unofficial Guide to Disney World; we’ve looked through all the websites.  on Friday, we head down.  I think I’m more excited than the kids (well, at least the boys, who are seemingly playing it cool, as if they are not excited)!

Anyway, this is not the direction I had expected this blog post to go (that’s what you get when you do “stream of consciousness blogging”).  Originally, I wanted to blog about a discussion I had with a friend about whether I am cancer “patient” or “survivor” and the implications of each.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to blog about that until Sunday at the earliest.  Tomorrow, I head up to Gainesville, GA for a boy scout leader training event (Friday night and Saturday), then I drive from Gainesville back home (to pick up my friend Luis) and then drive to Augusta, GA (a total of about 160 miles, one-way) for our pack’s cub scout winter trip.  We come home on Sunday and I have hours to rest before I have to go to church and teach the human sexuality class (my last one, though); other than that, I don’t have anything going on this weekend.

Before I go, please send some healing thoughts, prayers, whatever, to my Mom, who had hip surgery today.  From all accounts, things went wonderfully (she said she didn’t feel any pain, but I’m guessing that’s because they got her on some good drugs), but every little bit helps!

Thanks for continuing to check in despite my delinquent blogging tendencies!