Made it

Hello from Indianapolis.  Despite statements to the contrary, at the last minute I packed a laptop so I could write for you, my adoring fans!   My son was extremely excited about coming to Indy.  While I was walking to our concourse, he was all but jogging.  I have not seen him walk that fast for that long before.  If nothing else, he got a bit of exercise (we left from D concourse…for those of you unfamiliar with the Atlanta airport, D concourse is about a mile from where you go through security).

We are now hanging out in Catherine and Stan’s (my in-laws) house and they (my son, Cat, and Stan) are rocking to Guitar Hero III.  Here is a picture of the rocking!  Apparently as an added bonus to coming and hanging out with Cat and Stan, my son has all weekend to play with their Wii.  As I told him, this weekend is all about him and he is welcomed to play the Wii as much as he would like.  He is happy.

I am doing okay, though I began yesterday having some mild pain in my lower right abdomen and it is getting more and more pervasive.  I think I might be having an episode of diverticulitis; hopefully my body will be able to fight it off, but if not, I’m sure there are reasonable hospitals in Indianapolis!  ;-)   Whatever it is, I will not let it (as much as I am able) to keep it from interfering with my son’s weekend.

I must say that I would really like to have to deal with only 1 illness at a time.  I guess it’s better that it’s diverticulitis rather than an appendicitis.

More tomorrow.


  1. If your pain continues, don’t ignore it. I am sure you know that. Hope it goes away! Have a great time with your son!

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