Now I remember…

After being off chemo for 2 weeks, I guess it was easy to forget about the side-effects of having the treatment.  All in all, things went well today (relatively little nausea), but I crashed around 4p.  I guess I overdid it during the day;not that I did anything extraordinary, just the regular stuff I do almost everyday.  At 4p, though, I realized I was terribly tired and ended up sleeping for about 4 hours (and I DO NOT nap).

Right now, I just feel out of it; I had forgotten about this feeling.  Despite these feelings, though, there is still a part of me that wishes that the doctor had not changed my treatment regimen.  I understand, as several friends have told me, that it is better to have a reduced dosage on a reduced scheduled and actually GET the treatment than to use higher dosage or more frequent administration and run into problems when my body does not adapt well.  As one friend told me, I have to trust Dr. Kauh.

Finally, MaryBeth and I want to extend our heartfelt sympathies to Brenda and her family, as her husband, Kevin, recently lost his battle with angiosarcoma.  MaryBeth (and I, before my surgery) shared a condo with Brenda and her mother-in-law while we were in Baltimore.