Chemo Wednesdays

Today was generally a blah day.  I felt wiped out for much of the day and I found out why when I got to the hospital.  Once again, my cell counts were low — my white cell count was again so low that I was sent home without having a treatment.  My white blood cell count was down to 700 again, and my ANC was around 350. The plan at the moment is for me to take the next two weeks off from chemo to let my body repair itself.  It is possible, however, that I will switch from a “3 on, 1 off” schedule to a “2 on, 1 off” schedule.  In the end, all that really means is that it will take me longer to get through the full regimen.

This leads me to our new word of the day: neutropenia.  The doctors say that I am neutropenic, meaning that my body is unable to fight (bacterial) infection very well.  On top of that, my wife is at the end of an episode of having the flu; thus, despite my refusal, Dr. Kauh said I should probably wear a mask around the house or whenever I am in an enclosed space (e.g., the car) with my wife.

Finally, I would like to ask those of you who have not done so already, please go over to my personal PANCAN website to donate to my goal.  I’m really close to my $1000 goal and would like to meet and possibly exceed it.  Please consider donating.  Every little bit helps.