Start of the weekend…

Ah, the weekend.  Time for rest and relaxation…unless you are recovering from major abdominal surgery.   You know, I have all the best intentions of relaxing, but things just don’t seem to work out that way.  As I have mentioned previously, both of my sons are members of boy scout troop 549.  Though I have tried to be involved, the troop has a number of active leaders, so for better or worse, I’m not necessarily needed there.  In order to stay active, then, my best friend (Luis) and I have decided to go back to the cub scout pack from which our sons “graduated.”  As a result, I am the leader (and Luis is the co-leader) of four brand new Webelos I scouts.  (We had our new parent meeting tonight…)

Tomorrow, I will go to the karate school and help out as needed in the morning and then rest.  Tomorrow evening, Luis and I will travel up to Scoutland (a BSA property on Lake Lanier) to visit with our sons’ troop as they participate in the district level fall camporee (a weekend camping event with a medieval theme).  Sunday I have church in the morning and then the adolescent human sexuality course (OWL) in the evening.  Other than that, I have nothing to do this weekend.  :-)

I’m pretty sore this evening, but I’m currently self-medicating with a frosty, adult beverage.  :-)   I understand that I am sore because I’m up and about more and more, but how can I do what I want (need?) to do if I just stay cooped up in my house all night?  (Did I mention that I may go into the office for a couple of hours next week??)  Like I said, I’m taking it easy-ish!

You all may get bored with my continual mentioning of my participation in the Atlanta Purple Stride event in November.  I will continue to request my friends and family and blog readers to please go to my Atlanta Stride webpage and join my team (come out and walk with me and my family) or consider donating.  Every little bit helps. Thank you for considering donation or joining me.  Every little bit helps.  Pancreas cancer is the fourth leading cause of death for both men and women; it has the highest mortality rate of the top 5 cancer killers, yet is the least funded of this group.  I don’t expect to be able to make a huge impact, but I would love to be able to raise a substantial amount.  Please consider donating…


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