Ongoing Recovery

Well, by mid-day today, my throat was no longer sore, though my mouth remains sore.  After teaching a karate class tonight, MaryBeth says it sounds as if I’ve lost my voice. I like to think that my voice simply sounds more husky.

Other than the soreness and lack of voice, though, I’m doing okay.  I have to say that these last couple of weeks have been harder than I had expected.  Up until the end of my neoadjuvant treatment, I at least had SOMETHING to do.  The waiting…the not knowing what has happened or what will happen, has been particularly difficult on both me and my family.  At least, tomorrow I’ll have my CT scan and the doctors will know something…I’ll have to wait until Monday.

In the meanwhile, the last planned visit from family starts on Friday when my father and step-mother come for the weekend.  My father continues to be  a source of inspiration.   Having had a portion of the right lobe of his lung removed to battle his lung cancer a little less than three months ago, my father, this weekend, was back volunteering at The Mote in Sarasota.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hope my recovery from my surgery will be as good.